Local weather forecasts and results come down to Station 1 from our Davis weather center sensors. The weather center is mounted level with the dome horizon to get the most accurate weather right where the astronomy happens! There are software controls (and other observatory functions) tied to the sensor data. For example, there is a restriction on shutter operation that prevents it opening when its raining…or if the sensors predict rain is imminent.


We are currently setup to measure the following

  1. Ambient Temperature
  2. Barometric Press
  3. Humidity
  4. Rain levels
  5. Wind speed and direction

Build-outs are currently in the works for a couple more instruments. We have audrino based prototypes the following add-ons:

  1. Light level sensor
  2. Cloud sensor (derived from sky temperature)


The weather center feeds the data (using a built-in wireless transmitter) to a local data-logger/receiver. The receiver is connected to a console which is wired to the local observatory server. The feeds are real-time and get published from the local server to You can find a link to our PWS (ID=KPAPENAR3) by clicking the tag here:


Click this tag for a non-Adobe flash enabled devices (iphones)

Weather Underground PWS KPAPENAR3