We built this page to help assist users with their planning. These are the tools and services most often used to determine what we will be observing, when, where and for how long.
The ‘Clear Sky Chart’ is the astronomer’s forecast. At a glance, it shows the conditions for the nest 48 hours. The data comes from a forecast model developed by Allan Rahill of the Canadian Meteorological Center. CMC’s numerical weather forecasts are unique and specifically designed for astronomers.



The 7timer forecast is also indispensable. It seems to be updated a little more regularly than some of the others as well. Colleagues feel the icons are a little easier to read than the color gradients of other charts.


Another go-to is the Metro Blue Astronomical forecast. He you find hourly detail on different cloud levels. There are 2 different indexes foe seeing, jet stream, temp, humidity and the planets that are up. It’s very comprehensive table based collection of data that reads like a able TV programming menu.


Here is a simple chart of the universe overhead. The map is a current and gives the major objects (constellations, planets, etc) for the entire sky. We highly suggest Stellarium (freeware) or an equivalent planetarium software which provides more data and detail.


Here is an application that creates a view of the Earth with daytime and nighttime areas shaded appropriately. The image generated is of the apparent disk you would see if you were in a spacecraft looking back at Earth.


Finally we are providing a planetary ephemeris table. This table is updated monthly so it will always be at most few degrees/minutes from true. For sun and moon position data please click here.